Dietary regimen to stay away from constipation

Dietary regimen to stay away from constipation

Obesity is becoming more and more serious in modern people, and the problem of abdominal obesity is more common. One of the causes of small belly is constipation.

Constipation is caused by an unhealthy and irregular diet.

Thin belly, to treat constipation you have to follow the bowel cleansing diet to lose weight.

  Drink water smart and do basic maintenance for intermediates1.

Schedule 8 glasses of water: Before you go to bed, you should drink 1 glass before going to bed. Don’t be afraid to drink water before going to bed, because you will lose a lot of water during sleep, the blood will become thick, and cardiovascular problems will be more likely.

It is important to drink two glasses of water after getting up, not only to replenish the water lost at night, but also to stimulate the tandem, so that the will appear smoothly.

  Then drink two glasses of water each morning and afternoon.


Sugary drinks accelerate aging and should be avoided or supplemented in small amounts.

Warm boiled water is best for the body, and too much sugar and water will accelerate aging, so do not substitute a lot of sugary drinks such as cola, soft drinks, and fruit juices.

  Eating more fiber foods is essential for treating constipation.

Eat at least 30 grams of fiber food daily.

Large-fiber foods that are obviously fibrous can swell in the intestine, which increases stool capacity.

In addition, it can reduce the time that the stool stays in the intestine, eliminate the hidden dangers of constipation, and the toxic substances and carcinogens will also reduce the contact with the intestinal wall.

Foods with fibrous tips include coarse rice, fungus, kelp, etc.


Choosing a high-fiber food is better than a salad.

Don’t think that eating a large plate of salad will ensure that you add too much fiber. For comparison, 100 grams of lettuce contains only 1.

1 gram, and 100 grams burdock contains 11 grams, a bowl of shallow rice has a much higher fiber content than a salad.


Primary fibers and insoluble fibers must be accepted.

Primary fiber refers to pectin in vegetables, alginic acid in seaweed, etc., which can decompose in water and become colloidal.

Insoluble fiber refers to coarse grains, beans, cellulose, lignin, etc., does not break down water, but can absorb a large amount of water.

In the interaction of these two fibers, it can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, absorb water to increase the volume of stool, promote defecation, and help to eliminate cholesterol and toxins. There are many benefits.


Can be supplemented with high-fiber health products, but need plenty of water.

In fact, you need to drink at least 150 milliliters of water for every spoonful of fiber food, otherwise large volumes of food will not be able to swell and have a positive effect.

Eat before meals, you can reduce the amount of food incidentally, to achieve the effect of weight loss.

  The most effective intestinal diet recipe rice-healthy grain rice ingredients: barley kernel, oatmeal, red beans each 0.

3 cups, black sticky rice 0.

1 cup, 1 cup of coarse rice, 0 of white rice.

8 cups production method: 1.

Wash all materials and add 3.

5 glasses of water.


After soaking for 8 hours (put it in the refrigerator in summer), cook it and let it simmer for 15 minutes for better taste.

  Soup-Melon Soup Ingredients: 1 white radish, 6 shiitake mushrooms, 6 scallops, 30 ginkgo, 1 white fungus, 3 yuan medlar, 300 ml broth Production method: 1.

After the scallops are washed, put them in a bowl, add water and steam some rice wine in a pot and soften them for later use.  2.

Wash the fungus with tremella, wash the water with shiitake and cut in half.


Peel and cut the white radish into the pot, add scallops, white fungus, broth and 300 ml of water, and simmer over low heat.


After about 30 minutes, add ginkgo, wolfberry, and shiitake mushrooms to the pot, add salt, and simmer for 10 minutes.

  Dishes-Lily Asparagus Ingredients: 2 for Lily, 6 for Asparagus, 2 for Mushrooms, 1/2 half of bell pepper, 1 tablespoon of fresh ginkgo Seasoning: Salt, 1/3 each of sugar, MSG, pepper, wine, sesame oil 2 spoons making method: 1.

Cut the asparagus diagonally into small pieces, slice mushrooms, and red pepper.


Add the lilies to the pot and cook, remove and drain.


Heat oil in a wok, add lily, asparagus, ginkgo, mushrooms, bell peppers and seasoning, and fry over high heat until the moisture is dry.

  Vegetable juice-Vitality gas station materials: 1/2 apple, 1 kiwi, 1/8 pineapple (or choose strawberry, muskmelon, peach, cantaloupe, banana), 1 cup of lactic acid bacteria drink, 200ml cold water:1.

Apples, kiwis, pineapples, peeled and cut into small pieces.


Beat the fruit pieces, lactic acid bacteria drink and cold water in the juice machine.


Pour into a dense shape and pour it out and exchange them.

  Avoid these sugars, which are not good for intestinal cleansing: it is good for bacteria to multiply quickly in the body, especially E. coli.

  Alcohol: According to recent research results, alcohol is closely related to colon and rectal cancer.

  Meat: Fiber without feed cellulose, if not chewed sufficiently, will not be easily digested and become the culprit of intestinal spoilage.

Surveys have shown that the incidence of colon cancer has skyrocketed in those countries where meat is consumed.

  Refined flour: It tends to harden stools, especially when natural foods such as fruits and vegetables are lacking in food.

  Cream and grease: Increases the permeability of the inner walls so bacteria can easily pass through.