How to deal with cracked lips

How to deal with cracked lips

The lip mucosal surface is thin, soft and poor. In the case of dry lip mucosa in autumn, if fresh vegetables are eaten too little and the human vitamin intake is insufficient, the resistance of the lip mucosal epidermal cells will be dry and cracked.

  Some people like to lick their tongues to moisturize dry lips, but this is actually a bad bad habit.

Because licking your lips will only bring a short-term moisturization. When these lip moisture evaporates, it will take away more moisture inside the lips, making your lips and cheeks “dry-lick-dryer-lick again” vicious cycle, the resultThe more you lick, the more pain, and the more you lick, the more you crack.

  Furthermore, saliva is used to nourish the mouth and digest food. Saliva contains substances such as amylase, which is relatively sticky. When you lick it on your lips, it feels like applying a thin slick to your lips. The wind blows and the water evaporatesTake away the distance, the amylase sticks to the lips, it will cause the contraction of deep connective tissues, and the lips and mucous membranes will wrinkle, which will make them drier.

In severe cases, secondary infections, swelling and pain can occur.

  Do n’t be alarmed if your lips are chapped, you must first change your bad licking habits.

Basically, you should drink more water and eat more fresh vegetables, pears, coriander and other foods that have the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing yin.

  In addition, don’t tear your lips with cracked skin.

If the peeling is serious, you can apply lip balm on the lips and cover it with plastic wrap, then gently rub with a hot towel to allow the lips to fully absorb moisture and oil, so that the lips become moist and red.

After the beginning of autumn, to prevent chapped lips, apply lip balm on lips daily.

  In addition, lips are also prone to crusting in autumn, which is also related to the bad habit of licking lips.

Because saliva contains a variety of digestive enzymes, after the saliva on the lips evaporates, these macromolecular proteins will remain on the lips, forming a crust with the cells replaced by the lips.

Because the tissue under the crust is incomplete, if it is torn off forcibly, it will cause more local exudation and thus form more crust.

  In fact, chapped lips are a common symptom of autumn and winter seasons, which can occur from adjusting diet and daily habits.

First, eat more fresh vegetables, such as soybean sprouts, rapeseed, cabbage, white radish, etc. to increase the intake of B vitamins.

Secondly, timely replenishment of sufficient amount of water and sufficient drinking water can greatly help the balance of human body functions, and can effectively prevent chapped lips.

Third, both men and women should use lip balms to protect their lips, and try to choose to add irritating and colorless lipsticks.

People with allergies can also use a cotton swab to apply sesame oil or honey to their lips.

Fourth, try to avoid external stimuli such as wind and sun, and you can take a mask to protect it.

Fifth, correct bad habits such as licking lips and biting lips.

  If the cleft lip and crusting symptoms do not heal for a long time, you should go to the hospital in time to check the cause as soon as possible and treat it symptomatically.