Want to practice your chest muscles quickly?

Speed up the pectoral muscles like this_1

Want to practice your chest muscles quickly?
Accelerate the pectoral muscles like this

The pectoral muscle is the most masculine expression of a man. If you hate being laughed at and said that the typhoon was blown away, then you do not hinder the training of the pectoral muscles. Let’s see how the pectoral muscles are trained.

  1. Push-ups Push-ups are definitely the first method of practicing pectoral muscles. This method is very explosive and can quickly break open muscle tissue to enhance regeneration.

His only drawback is that if the practice is cut and she is put on hold, the amount of pectoral muscles will increase greatly, which will be very soft.

One hundred to two hundred a day is enough.

  2. The pull-up chest exercise can be done even in the school dormitory, which is very helpful for the exercise of the arms and chest muscles.

The school community bar can do it, and the dormitory can be directly made by sitting on the lower bunk and reaching the upper bunk.

I could do 50 before, but now I can do 30 at most.

I think it’s enough to make thirty a day.

  3, chest expansion exercise pure chest exercise, the effect is second only to push-ups, rapid growth, and the effect of breast enhancement.

The disadvantage is that the muscles are too soft.

This is relatively easy, a group of 50, four to five groups can be done every day.

  4. You don’t have to run in place, just wave your hands and raise your legs in place.

If you feel lazy, just wave your arms.

Performing chest expansion exercises is less effective.

Just “run” for 10 minutes a day.

  5. Parallel bar arm flexion and extension muscle training, you can perform parallel bar arm flexion and extension to support the whole body on the parallel bars.

Do stretching exercises.

The effect is very good. The dormitory can stand vertically on the plank, with legs raised, arms flexed and stretched, and the effect is more obvious.

Group of thirty, averaged daily.

  6. How to practice the speed of the pectoral pectoral muscles. Swinging is also a good choice, as long as you punch in the air.

The effect is also obvious.

Just hit two or three hundred.

Although my exercise method may not be very professional, it is simple and takes up a small area, so I can exercise at any time.