Anbang 7 billion big sale one-time clearance Zhejiang Commercial Bank

Anbang 7 billion big sale one-time clearance Zhejiang Commercial Bank


Anbang has another big move: 70 billion big sale, one-time clearance of this national stock company!

  If the China Fund News reporter did not enjoy the dividend of Zheshang Bank’s A-share listing, Anbang, an important member of Zheshang Bank’s second-largest shareholder, Traveler Automobile Group intends to transfer all of its shares in Zheshang Bank.

  Information recently disclosed by the Shanghai United Products Exchange shows that the China Banking Regulatory Commission Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd.’s takeover working group was commissioned by Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate Court to the Zhejiang Commercial Bank held by the Traveler Automobile Group.

4.6 billion shares were disposed of with a reserve price of 68.

6.9 billion yuan.

  In fact, the recent equity 合肥夜网 transfer occurred on the eve of Zheshang Bank’s return to A listing. The transferee who took over the equity, in addition to meeting the relevant requirements of the qualification requirements for shareholders of Chinese commercial banks, must also make shares within 36 months after listing.Locked promise.

  Anbang Department is still moving forward on the “slimming road”. In the past two months, Anbang Property & Casualty Insurance has reduced its holdings of all China Merchants Banks in the secondary market.

65% of shares, the amount of cash is nearly 14 billion yuan.

  Nearly 7 billion liquidation of Zheshang Bank’s equity A shares before listing, Zheshang Bank may usher in important equity changes.

  According to the information of Shanghai United Products Exchange, according to the Shanghai First Intermediate Court Auction (Sale) Power of Attorney, the China Banking 上海夜网论坛 Regulatory Commission Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd.’s takeover working group was commissioned by Shanghai First Intermediate Court to Zhejiang Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.

4.6 billion shares were disposed of.

  The transferor corresponds to Traveler Motor Group Co., Ltd.’s shareholding in Zheshang Bank amounting to 7.

2% of the entire equity, Traveler Automobile Group Co., Ltd. is also the second largest shareholder of Zheshang Bank.

This transfer set 68.

The base price of 6.9 billion U.S. dollars, according to the initial inquiry of the initial public offering of Zheshang Bank, the current issue price is 4.

At 94 yuan / share, the base price of nearly 7 billion yuan is only slightly higher than the total price of 300 million yuan sold based on the public offering price.

  Because of the change of important shareholders of commercial banks, the transfer also made multiple requirements on the qualifications of the transferee.

  For example, the intended transferee should comply with the regulations of the Banking Supervision and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Commercial Banks, the Interim Measures for the Administration of the Equity of Commercial Banks, and other regulatory documents as stipulated in Chinese-funded commercial banksRelevant requirements for shareholder qualifications.

  If the intended transferee becomes the holder or controls more than 5% of the shares or voting rights of the commercial bank, or holds less than 5% of the capital structure or share consolidation but has a significant impact on the operation and management of the commercial bank: compliance with laws and regulations, The regulatory requirements and the company’s articles of association, and explain the purpose of investing in a commercial bank; the intent of the transferee and related parties, the number of commercial parties as a major shareholder in the number of commercial shares must not exceed 2, or the number of holding commercial banks must not exceed 1(Except for investment entities that hold shares of commercial banks authorized by the State Council, banking financial institutions, entities that are otherwise required by laws and regulations to invest in commercial banks, and investors that have been approved by the CBRC for mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of high-risk commercial banks);Fang shall not transfer the equity of its holders within five years from the date of obtaining the equity; it is worth mentioning that at present is the critical time for the listing of A shares of Zheshang Bank, and the intent transferee promises to continue to expandThe company’s target shares are listed and traded on Zheshang Bank Co., Ltd.’s A shares on the Shanghai Stock ExchangeCommitments locked within 36 months from the date and comply with relevant regulations and requirements.

  Zhejiang Merchants Bank formerly known as Zhejiang Commercial Bank was transferred by the Commonwealth. In 2004, with the approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the original Zhejiang Commercial Bank was restructured into Zhejiang Commercial Bank as a whole. The headquarters was relocated from Ningbo to Hangzhou.At the time of establishment, the registered capital was 150.07 million yuan.

  At that time, the Travelers Motor Group took a stake in Zheshang Bank as the founding shareholder and is still the second largest shareholder of Zheshang Bank to this day.

  However, for the private enterprises that intend to form a financial holding group, the “Interim Measures on the Management of Commercial Banks’ Equity”, which was launched on January 5, 2018, is a big test.

  The interim measures stipulate that the number of commercial banks in which the same investor and its affiliated parties, acting in concert as the main shareholder, does not exceed two, or the number of holding commercial banks shall not exceed one.

  A major shareholder of a commercial bank refers to a shareholder who holds or controls more than 5% of the shares or voting rights of a commercial bank, or holds a capital reorganization or a stock accumulation of less than 5%, but has a significant impact on the operation and management of a commercial bank.

  In fact, in addition to being the major shareholder of Zheshang Bank, Anbang Life held a total of Minsheng Bank at the end of the past three quarters of the past year.

79% A-share equity, Harmony Health Insurance and Anbang Life Insurance collectively hold nearly 10% equity in China Merchants Bank.

  Under the new equity rules and regulations, Anbang recently also frequently cleared its commercial bank shares.

  On October 25, China Merchants Bank announced that China Merchants Bank received a notice from everyone’s life. As of August 28, 2019, Anbang Property Insurance, Harmonious Health Insurance, and each life insurance company held the total share capital of China Merchants Bank1.

65%, 4.

99%, 4.

99% of the total shares held by China Merchants Bank accounted for 11 of the total share capital.


  Since August 28, 2019, Anbang Property Insurance has reduced its holding of China Merchants Bank shares through the secondary market.

As of October 25, 2019, Anbang Property Insurance no longer holds shares in China Merchants Bank.

  At the end of 2018, Anbang Property & Casualty Insurance plans to list 16.8 billion shares to clear its entire 35% stake in Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank.

  Everyone Insurance Group takes over Anbang’s business On July 11, this year, the China Banking Regulatory Commission approved that China Insurance Protection Fund Co., Ltd., China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation jointly funded the establishment of everybody insurance group with registered capital of 203.

600 million yuan.  Everyone Insurance Group will transfer Anbang Life Insurance, Anbang Pension and Anbang Asset Management Equity in accordance with the law, and establish everyone’s property insurance. According to law, it will transfer part of Anbang Property Insurance’s insurance business, assets and liabilities.

Anbang Group will do a good job in the payment of existing insurance policies, comprehensively extend the insurance contract obligations, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers and all relevant parties.

After the reconstruction is completed, Anbang Group will not launch new insurance business.

  The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission weighed that the establishment of the insurance group of everyone marked that the Anbang Group’s risk disposal work had achieved staged results.

During the takeover, the Anbang takeover team will promote all insurance groups to participate in the reorganization of Anbang Group in accordance with the law, based on the main business of insurance, provide the public with a package of protection services for health, pensions and wealth management, and actively develop qualified strategic investors in accordance with the established direction.It is practical and feasible to protect the insurance consumers and the legitimate rights and interests of all parties.

  In September of this year, everyone’s insurance also reduced the holdings of a number of ETFs such as Ping An CSI Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development theme through the exchange of listed company shares, Bosch CSI Central Ventures, Castrol CSI Central Ventures, and GF China Securities Central Ventures.The two stocks of Vanke A and China State Construction reduced their holdings by up to 110 billion yuan.

  According to the current situation, the newly established insurance group of everyone may continue to reduce the shareholdings of some listed companies previously held by Anbang.