24 solar terms – Lixia Festival introduction

24 solar terms – Lixia Festival introduction

May 5th or May 6th is the summer of the lunar calendar.
“The bucket refers to the southeast, and the dimension is the summer. Everything grows up, so it is named Xia.
At this time, the sun yellow is 45 degrees. In astronomy, Lixia said that he would say goodbye to spring, which is the beginning of summer days.
People used to regard Lixia as an important solar term that the temperature is obviously rising, the heat is coming, the thunderstorm is increasing, and the crops are growing into the peak season.
銆€銆€Climate characteristics: After the summer, Jiangnan officially entered the rainy season, and the rainfall and rainy days increased significantly. The continuous rain caused not only the wet damage of crops.
It can also cause a variety of diseases.
Wheat heading and flowering is the most susceptible period to the infection of scab. If there is a warm but rainy weather in the future, it is necessary to grasp the spraying control during the initial flowering period to the full bloom period.
In the rainy weather or cold and cold weather conditions, cotton in the south often causes outbreaks of diseases such as anthracnose and blight, resulting in a large area of dead seedlings and lack of seedlings.
The necessary measures for temperature increase and humidity reduction should be taken in time, and the chemical control should be combined to prevent the seedlings from fighting for seedlings.
“Multiple in the summer, the millet is full of warehouses”, before and after the summer is the flaming season of the early rice transplanting in the north and south of the Yangtze River.
“It can fill the full moon, not full of moon grass.” At this time, the temperature is still low. Immediately after planting, it is necessary to strengthen management, early topdressing, early fielding, early treatment of pests and diseases, and promotion of early development.
Mid-season sowing should be carried out quickly.
At this time, the tea tree develops the fastest. At the slightest negligence, the tea will age. The so-called “the rain is rarely picked, and the summer is not picking up”. It is necessary to concentrate all efforts and collect the products in batches.
銆€銆€Before and after the summer, the temperature in North China, Northwest China and other places rose rapidly, but the precipitation is still not much, coupled with the windy spring, strong evaporation, atmospheric dryness and soil drought often affect the normal growth of crops.
Especially the dry hot air before and after wheat grouting is the important disaster weather that leads to the reduction of production. Timely irrigation is the key measure for drought and disaster prevention.
鈥淭here are three days in the summer,鈥?and the weeds grow very fast. 鈥淭he day is not sloping, and it can’t be smashed for three days.
“Cultivating alfalfa can not only remove weeds, drought and stain resistance, but also increase the ground temperature and accelerate the decomposition of soil nutrients. It is of great significance to promote the robust growth of cotton, corn, sorghum, peanut and other crops.
銆€銆€After the summer, it is a key period for planting large areas of early rice, and the sooner or later rains coming in this period and the amount of rainfall are closely related to the future harvest.
The farmer said it well: “The summer is not going down, the plough is hanging high.
“There is no rain in summer, no rice in the steamed bread.”
“The folks also have the custom of being afraid of summer heat and weighing. It is said that after weighing the weight this day, it is not afraid of summer heat and will not lose weight, otherwise it will be plagued by illness.
There is also a custom of drinking tea in summer in Jiangxi. It is said that it is not to drink summer tea, it will be difficult for a summer.
As early as in ancient times, the kings often went to the summer outside the city in the early days of summer, and the summer days were summer days.
銆€銆€”Book of Rites, Moon”, explain Li Xia: “铦艰潏 铓殦, 铓殦 out, Wang Guasheng, bitter dish show.
“At this time, the frog began to scream at the coming of summer, and he was busy helping the peasants to loosen the soil. The wild vegetables in the country’s fields were also rushing out to each other.”
In the early morning, when people are welcoming the light of the early summer and strolling through the rural fields and beaches, you will feel the deep feelings of nature from this gentle sunshine.
銆€銆€绔嬪搴斿钄灉锛氥€€銆€1銆佹煈姗樸€€銆€2銆佹潹姊呫€€銆€3銆佹瀲鏉枫€€銆€4銆佹銆€銆€5銆佹ū妗冿紙澶фū妗冿級銆€銆€6銆佽憽钀勩€€銆€7銆佹ⅷ銆€銆€绔嬪涔犱織锛氥€€銆€杩庡浠紡銆€銆€鈥滅珛澶忊€濈殑鈥滃鈥濇槸鈥滃ぇ鈥濈殑鎰忔€濓紝It means that the plants planted in spring have grown upright.
In ancient times, people attached great importance to the custom of Lixia.
銆€銆€On the day of Lixia, the ancient emperors had to go to the southern suburbs of Beijing to go to the southern suburbs of Beijing to celebrate the summer.
Junchen will wear a Zhu color dress, with a jade jade, even horses, cars and flags must be vermilion, in order to express the desire for good harvest and good wishes.
銆€銆€In the court, “I will start the ice in summer and give the Minister of Wenwu.”
The ice was stored in the winter of last year and was given to the officials by the emperor.
銆€銆€In the area of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, people have passed the bright spring light, and it is unfortunate that there is a sense of sadness in the spring. Therefore, it is a joy to prepare food and drink, as if to send people away, named Hunchun.
Cui Wei said in Fu Li: “The first of the summer, the dying of the late spring.
“Wu Yuting’s “Li Xia” poem also said: “There is no way to go to spring, and the cherry blossoms will return to spring.”
In the folk, people in the summer drink cold drinks to cool off.
In the summer, the Jiangnan water town has the custom of cooking tender broad beans.
In some places, there is also the custom of making people in summer. 銆€銆€Taste new in the afterlife, Lixia also tastes new festivals.

For example, in Suzhou, there is the shackles of 鈥淟i Xia San Xin鈥? Sanxin is cherry, green plum, wheat, and become an ancestor.

In Changshu, the taste of new food is more abundant. There is a saying of “Nine Miles and Thirteen”. Nine 鑽?is a glutinous rice, salted egg, snail, and extinguished (that is, cooked on a slightly fire; a cooking method, using moreThe spices are processed to become chickens, chicken, pickled, brined shrimp, and cherry meat; thirteen vegetarians include cherries, plums, silkworms (new wheat stalks cooked into thin strips), bamboo shoots, broad beans, spears, peas, cucumbers,Lettuce, grass head, radish, rose, pine flower.

In Nantong, eat boiled chicken and duck eggs.

銆€銆€The fighting game is at noon, every family cooks the quail eggs (the eggs are shelled and cooked, can’t be broken), soak them in cold water for a few minutes, then put them on the already woven silk mesh bag and hang them on the child’s neck.

The children will be in groups to fight the game.

At both ends of the egg, the tip is the head and the round is the tail.

When fighting eggs, the egg head fights the egg head, and the egg tail hits the tail.

One by one, the broken ones admit defeat, and finally the high and low.

The winner of the egg head is the first, the egg is called the king; the winner of the egg is the second, and the egg is called the king or the second king.

Nickname: “Standing the chest in the summer, the child is not smashing the summer” Summer is a common abdominal bloating anorexia in summer, fatigue and weight loss, especially for children.

銆€銆€Multicolored egg rice is glutinous rice, which replaces peas.

On the table, there must be boiled eggs, whole bamboo shoots, and shelled peas and other specialty snacks.

The local folk eggs eat double, the bamboo shoots are paired, and the peas are much more.

Folks have said that they will eat eggs in the summer.

Because the egg shape is like a heart, people think that eating an egg can make the spirit of the heart irreplaceable.

After the summer, it is a hot summer. In order not to eliminate the body in the summer, the summer should be tonic.

There is a prosperous life, and the legs of the person are also as strong and powerful as the spring bamboo shoots.

Shelled peas are shaped like eyes.

In ancient times, eye diseases were common. In order to eliminate eye diseases, people who prayed for peas for a year’s eyes were as clear as fresh peas, and they were disease-free.

銆€銆€Li Xia “weigh people” in the summer to eat rice and the custom of weighing people.

People hang a large wooden scale in the village entrance or the door, the scale hooks a stool, and everyone takes turns to sit on the stool and scale people.

The scales people talked about the auspicious words while playing the scales.

The old man of the scale should say “the flower is eighty-seven, live to ninety-one.”

The girl said that she was “one hundred and five pounds, and the outsiders came to the door.”

Don’t be willing to leave it unwilling, the champion has a fate.

“The scale child said, “The scales are a dozen of twenty-three, and the small officials are coming out of the mountain.”

The seven-country county officials are not guilty, and the three public and nine-qing are also good at climbing.”

You can only play the scales (ie, from decimal to large), you can’t play outside.

Ancient poetry cloud: “Li Xia scales people light and heavy, the scales of the hanging beam smile.

“The “humanity” custom of the summer day is mainly popular in this kind of south, originated from the Three Kingdoms era: folks have said that Zhuge Liang is related to the story of Meng and Liu Adou.

It is said that Meng was conquered by Zhuge Liang, and after returning to Shunguo, he listened to Zhuge Liang.

Zhuge Liang’s dying life was lasted to visit the lord once a year.

The day of Zhuge Liang’s prescription was just the summer of this year, and Meng was immediately worshipped.

From then on, every summer, Meng won the Enoch to visit.

After a few years, Emperor Simayan of Jinwu Dynasty destroyed the country and took a fight.

And Meng won’t forget to take care of each other. Every year, Xia led soldiers to go to Luoyang to watch the fight. Every time he went, he had to weigh the weight of Adou to verify whether Adou was treated badly by Emperor Wu.

He threatened to fight against the Jin if he was ill-treated.

In order to relocate to Meng, the Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty used the glutinous rice and peas to cook rice for a fight.

A bucket sees peas and rice is fragrant and fragrant, so double it.Meng was admitted to the city to scale people, each time weighing a few pounds more than the previous year.

Although Adou does not have any skills, but Meng has been the leader of the summer scales, Jin Wudi did not dare to deceive him, the days are also quiet and happy, Fushou double.

This legend, although different from historical facts, but the people hope is the “peaceful peace, happiness and longevity” of the Taiping world.

Lixia scales people worry that Adou brings blessings, and people also pray that God will bring them good luck.