[Cream cake]_cream cake_how to make_practices

[Cream cake]_cream cake_how to make_practices

Cake is not just a dessert, it is a caring, a sweet, but also a happiness shared by everyone.

Today’s birthday parties, company banquets and other occasions are indispensable for the existence of cream cakes. Cream cakes have won the praise of people for their beautiful appearance and silky texture.

If you make a cream cake yourself on a commemorative day, it will have more charm and time will be more complicated.

Here’s how to make it: Method one.

Place egg whites and yolks in separate egg buckets.

Add sugar to the egg yolk, beat with a cake brush in one direction, thicken and float, and use the same method to whisk the egg white into the egg yolk, and pour it into the egg yolk.

After the refined powder is sifted through the sieve, it is added into the egg paste and stirred slowly.

Then add the boiled cream and flavor water to the cake batter and stir gently.

2.Take 30 cake molds (squeezed or oiled paper), apply oil or oiled paper, then pour the cake paste into the molds and steam them in the basket for about 5 minutes, then cook them out, lower them out, and a red dot at the center.

Method two 1.

Add eggs to white sugar powder, stir with an egg beater to form a foaming shape. If the temperature of the eggs is too cold, you can warm it with warm water at forty degrees c. It is easier to make a soft, flexible, delicious cake.


Add the sieved low-gluten flour to the mixture of 1 and mix well with wooden clogs.


Pour 2 cream of water-melted milk and stir quickly.

If the stirring is not enough here, the finished cake gradually has large bubbles and a rough texture. When the stirring is excessive, the cake hardens and no bubbles 4 are formed.

Pour 3 ingredients into the cake model about eight minutes full, and bake in the 180 degree C oven for about 30 minutes.