How do women change health?


Do these 6 things before going to bed to make yourself younger!

How do women change health?
Do these 6 things before going to bed to make yourself younger!

After experiencing a day’s work for a female friend, the body feels very tired. If you want to quickly go to bed and fall asleep, just do a few small things before going to bed, you can make women become more and more refined.

What good habits should women develop before going to bed?

1, brushing your face, brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important than the morning, not only can remove the debris inside the mouth, but also protect the teeth and promote sleep.

After watching TV or using the computer, you should wash your face in time, because both the computer and the TV have a certain amount of radiation. In the continuous view, some ions will stay on the surface of the skin. Wash your face and wash all the dust and radiation ions.The cleansing of the skin makes sleep more comfortable and relaxing.

2, five finger combs in the head have a lot of points, by using five fingers to comb, with a certain stimulation and massage effect, can relieve pain, eyesight, open and guard God.

Use your fingers to comb your scalp every morning and evening until the scalp is hot and red, which can effectively clear the blood flow to the head, improve your memory and brain thinking ability, promote the nutrition of the hair roots, thus protecting the hair and reducing hair loss.It helps to eliminate brain fatigue.

3, meditation for 10 to 20 minutes after dinner should be kept calm and walk for 20 minutes, this can allow a lot of blood to circulate to the surface of the body, can only maintain the skin after falling asleep, try not to read books while lying in bed, do not consider anyThe problem is to reduce the activity of the brain so that it can quickly enter sleep.

4, drink a cup of honey before going to bed, the milk contains the tryptophan, can effectively promote sleep, drink a cup of honey with milk before going to bed, can improve the quality of sleep.

Honey is good for keeping the balance of blood sugar at night and avoiding early waking.

You can’t be angry and angry before going to bed, or you will speed up your heartbeat and make your breathing become so fast that it is difficult to fall asleep.

5, can not eat before going to bed, can not drink tea before going to bed, if you eat too much, the gastrointestinal tract will always do digestive work, constantly stimulate the brain, so that the brain is in an excited state, not easy to fall asleep.

In addition, the tea contains a lot of caffeine, which is easy to stimulate the central nervous system, making people more excited, especially when drinking tea before going to bed, the brain will become more excited.

6, before going to bed, there are more than 60 acupoints on the feet, and the relationship between the internal organs and the internal organs is very close, the feet are farthest from the heart, it is not easy to get the nourishment of blood and nutrients, and in the autumn, the weather is cold.It is easy to stimulate the blood vessels, make the blood vessels shrink, and the blood supply is insufficient.

Insufficient blood supply can affect the normal functioning of the kidneys and liver.

Using warm water to soak your feet before going to bed can promote your body’s blood circulation and speed up your metabolism. You often use 50 掳C warm water to wash your feet. Massage your toes and feet will be better.

Warm reminder to do some simple little moves before going to bed every night, so that small exercise is conducive to relaxing the whole body and benefiting the health of the body.

In addition, keep the air in the living environment fresh.