[Potato Nutrition Composition Table]_Nutrition Value_Benefits

[Potato Nutrition Composition Table]_Nutrition Value_Benefits

Potatoes are a common ingredient. Potatoes taste sweet and have rich nutritional elements. There are many methods for potatoes. Put potato chips, potato flour, mashed potatoes, potato curry and other methods.

Potatoes can resist aging and have the benefits of beauty and beauty. Potatoes can promote digestion and help detoxification. For people who lose weight, they can use potatoes to lose weight. What are the nutritional ingredients of potatoes?

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The benefits of eating potatoes?

1, protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular potatoes are also rich in potassium, which can effectively prevent hypertension.

In addition to the health-care effects of vitamin C in potatoes, it can also reduce cholesterol in the blood, make the blood vessels elastic, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

2. Anti-aging potatoes are nutritious and anti-aging food.

It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid, as well as a large amount of high-quality cellulose. It also contains trace elements, amino acids, proteins, trace and high-quality starch and other nutrients.

People who eat potatoes regularly are healthy and old.

3. Promote the digestion of the cellulose contained in potatoes. It has no stimulating effect on the mucous membranes in the hospital, and has the effect of relieving pain or reducing gastric acid secretion.

Regular potatoes have the effect of relieving the stomach, adjusting the spleen, strengthening the qi, and can promote the digestive function of the spleen and stomach. They also have therapeutic effects on gastric ulcers, heat cough and skin eczema; regular consumption of potatoes can prevent colon cancer, etc .; potatoes contain a large amount ofDietary fiber can widen bowel movements, help the body excrete metabolic toxins in time, and prevent constipation.

4, weight loss It contains less than cereals, is the ideal weight loss food, eat potatoes do not have to worry about aunt excess, because it only contains 0.

1% of aunts is the lowest in all foods.

Eating more potatoes every day can reduce a small amount of supplementation, which can allow the body to gradually metabolize the excess, and eliminate your confidants.

Potatoes have a wonderful effect on the human body.

“Thin people can get fat when they eat, and fat people can get thin when they eat.”

5. Improving mental state Potatoes contain vitamin C. Office workers living in modern society are most vulnerable to depression, discouragement, and anxiety such as emotional fluctuations. Potatoes can help you solve this problem.

Food can affect people’s emotions because the minerals and nutrients they contain can affect the human body and improve their mental state.

6. Enhance physical fitness Potatoes will not make people fat at all, as well as healing, diuretic and antispasmodic effects.

It can dissolve ecchymosis, neuralgia, arthritis, coronary heart disease, and it can also treat eye pain.

Potatoes are rich in potassium. People with muscle weakness and loss of appetite. People who have been taking diuretics or laxatives for a long time eat more potatoes, which can supplement the lack of potassium in the body.

High levels of protein and vitamin B complex can enhance physical fitness, while improving memory and clear thinking.

Friends who have no appetite in summer, insist on eating supplementary potatoes, and you will definitely get satisfactory results.

7, beauty freckle potatoes have a good care of the skin, the effect of maintaining appearance.

Fresh potato juice is directly lubricated on the face, and the whitening effect is very significant.

Human skin is prone to sunburn and tanning on hot summer days. Potato juice has a clear effect on removing stains and has no side effects.

Potatoes also have a significant effect on the skin around the eyes.

Slice the cooked potatoes and stick them to the eyes, which can reduce the swelling under the eyes.

Cut potatoes into slices and apply them to the bladder, which has good effects on skin care and reducing wrinkles.

Young people have strong skin oil secretions, often suffer from acne and acne wounds, and absorb the affected area with cotton and fresh potato juice to solve this problem.

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The nutritional value of potatoes1. From a nutritional point of view, potatoes have more advantages than rice and flour, and they can supply a lot of heat energy to the human body, which can be called “perfect food”.

2. Potatoes have a high protein content and possess all the amino acids necessary for the human body, especially lysine, which is a tandem cereal protein. Therefore, mixed consumption of potatoes and cereals can improve protein utilization.

3, potato tubers have more water, a little less, and the volume per unit volume is quite low.

4. Potato is also a treasure trove of minerals, with various minerals ranging from several times to tens of times that of apples. The nutritional value of 500 grams of potatoes is equivalent to about 1750 grams of apples.

5, potatoes are high in potassium, which can eliminate excess sodium in the body and help lower blood pressure.

6. Potatoes also have amazing medicinal value.The starch in potatoes is absorbed slowly in the body and does not cause the blood sugar to rise too quickly.

Dietary fiber is high in root vegetables. Regular eating potatoes can promote degenerative peristalsis and reduce its fiber and reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart disease.

7, potatoes are the most complete of all food crops, their content is equivalent to 2 times that of carrots, 3 times that of cabbage, 4 times that of tomatoes, and B vitamins that are 4 times that of apples.

In particular, potatoes contain carotene and vitamin C, which are not found in cereals, which contain 10 times more vitamin C than apples, and are resistant to heat.


Potatoes cannot be eaten if they are green, so keep them with the apples to avoid turning green.