Five moves to kill his ambiguous relationship

Five moves to kill his ambiguous relationship

A pest called “ambiguous” is quietly attacking blue in the summer.

But don’t underestimate this pest, although it is not harmful, it is enough to make you vomit blood for several years.

His relationship with the ambiguous woman may not even be a derailment, but even that astringent feeling can hardly be relieved.

不过,有道是“兵来将挡,水来土掩”,杀灭不同的暧昧害虫,你其实只需要五瓶“特效杀虫剂”-夏天,捕杀他的“暧昧”第一招蚂蚁杀虫剂  杀Extinction type: Women who are predominantly weak and small pests are mostly weak, such as the heroine of Qiong Yao. They are born without bones, and their goal is to find large trees throughout their lives.

If your old justice belongs to the category of heroism, then wait to help her with her dissertation today and help her repair the computer tomorrow.

  After a little question, the poor heroine would cry with helplessness, so your stupid husband would immediately be angry: “What’s wrong with you, not even a little sympathy?”

“Insecticide method: When you are jealous, jealous is about stability and unity. How can you tolerate it?”

Speak out dissatisfaction and anger, give him rules, and let him know the bottom line of your tolerance.

Otherwise, endure it again and again, occasionally disappointed, he thinks that you have a little belly.

Answer the call again, write down the number, and dial it back immediately, telling her generously that her husband can’t respond to the request and let her know that you aren’t playing.

The second type of fly insecticide killing type: lest the world does not mess with pests, some types of small flies, most like to see that men are bewildered by themselves, love to make two unclear phone calls to men, make pointsColor sms.

And he, partiality has to enjoy this kind of spiritual cheapness.

If you protest, he will definitely refute: “People are still small, but it’s just fun, do you take it seriously?

“Insecticide method: Put down a body to fight a fly. Although some people have great lethality, when his fresh energy passes, naturally they will no longer take it seriously.

May wish to talk to him about his company’s similar women, dilute his excitement.

Or just drop her body and fight with her, dress more glamorous and noble than her, be more IN, trendier and more open than her.

  The weakness of the little flies is to feel inferior to their immaturity. Under your strong disinfection, the guarantee will turn to ashes immediately.

The third type of moth insecticide killing type: buddy-type pest tomboy may be his neighbor of childhood, may be a good friend of his college, some have never been in love, some are in love and have entered the turtle healing period,In short, there is less one tendon, and there is no consciousness about the relationship between men and women.

Calling friends every day to pass the time, just happened to forget, her buddies and a lover are at home.

  Insecticidal method: Tell the other party that they do n’t have time to think about participating in her and his space. Arranging a schedule early is the right way.

Make use of various trivia to keep him from getting away, and let him learn to tell the other person “I don’t have time.”

Finally, remember to introduce a few boys to her by hand, and solve her single nuisance, your private time will be guaranteed naturally!

The fourth method of cockroach insecticide killing type: Literary pest cockroach female belongs to petty bourgeois and literary complex. Whenever a man has talked with her about her life ideals, she will immediately be cited as “blue confidant”,”Red sleeves add fragrance”.

  It ‘s okay. Send an overly emotional and lyrical email. When you are on a business trip, call him immediately and say, “The rainbow here is so beautiful!

“Insecticide method: Active personality cold treatment For this kind of woman, you can’t underestimate the enemy.

You must talk to your boyfriend wisely, don’t be jealous of your suspicion, just say that the recent evaluation of your friends made you feel very shameless, give him a few more examples and tell him that although “I ‘m not afraid of shadow obliques, ”but be careful of others’ rumors!

Use self-esteem to let him take the initiative to cold-handle.

Fifth move ladybug insecticide kill type: Internet chat type insects where young men do not QQ?

Even if you block it, there are still MSN and “NetEase Bubbles”, even BBS may be the soil of online dating-there are too many female netizens on the Internet today, chatting on the Internet, and recognizing a bunch of husbands on the InternetIn my spare time, I arrange a schedule to meet and pass the time.

As for you, he always feels that online chat is nothing, and ignores your aversion to some sensitive words.

  Insecticidal method: There are a variety of schemes to be selected. Please add one of the following schemes: A, find a way to enter his mailbox, and send several viral emails to his female netizens.

B, on the computer of your own home, automatically crashes as soon as QQ or a certain website is accessed.

C, intentionally or unintentionally reinstall the operating system, so that all his contact information is lost.

D, register another ID, as a stranger, cry to your one about the pain of being abandoned by XX.