[How does dry red wine taste good?

】 _How to do _ Daquan

[How does dry red wine taste good?
】 _How to do _ Daquan

Dry red wine has a more sour taste. Dry red wine is made from red grapes. There is no sugar in the brewing process, so it tastes sweet.

The color of dry red wine is ruby red. It looks very good. It smells rich and full-bodied. Dry red wine contains phenols and can be enjoyed with meat such as braised pork, duck meat, steak and so on.

Dry red wine can solve the greasy feeling. How does dry red wine taste good with drinks?


How to drink dry red wine?

Do not add carbonated beverages or ice cubes. Adding carbonated beverages to dry red wine will break the pure flavor caused by the wine. Due to the addition of a large amount of sugar and gas, the nutrition and efficacy of the wine will also be affected.

The wine is replaced after adding ice cubes, which is not suitable for consumers with hyperacidity and ulcers.


Generally, dry red wine does not need to be chilled at room temperature (about 20 ° C). It does not need to be chilled. It is best to pour it into a wine glass for a while after opening and wait for the wine to breathe in air.?12 ℃) and then taste better.


The taste of dry red wine is affected by temperature, so you should minimize the contact between your hand and the bottle.

When holding the wine, use your thumb to press the bottom of the bottle, and press the fingertips of the four fingers to balance the bottle, so that the palm with the highest temperature can be kept away from the bottle.


When the wine is poured for a long time, there will always be some sediment on the bottom of the bottle. These sediments will affect the taste of the wine. Therefore, when you pour the wine, use even force to let the wine softly pour out.After that, leave about two centimeters of wine at the bottom of the bottle.


Shaking the wine Shaking the wine can fully distribute the dry red wine without fully “waking up”, making the wine more mellow, and it can also sway the aroma of the red wine instead, overflowing the aroma.


The ancient poetry of the wine set reads: “The grape wine is a luminous cup, and you want to drink the pipa immediately.

“So drinking red wine must use a goblet, the crystal glass is the best, pour 1/4 cup of wine at a time, drink it in one bite, and then slowly aftertaste.


Precautions for dry red wine 1. The amount of dry red wine to be added should not exceed 200 ml per day.

2. It is not advisable to add carbonated drinks such as Sprite and Cola in dry red wine, otherwise the original fruity taste and nutrition of the wine will be destroyed.

3. Dry red wine should not be added with fruit vinegar at the same time, it will shorten the taste.

4. Dry white wine contains less tannins and better fruit flavor. It is most suitable for spicy dishes, slightly sweet and semi-sweet dishes, and seafood, fish and shrimp.

5, dry red wine contains a lot of tannin, especially suitable for oily high protein substances, such as steak, barbecue food.


The effect of dry red wine is to increase appetite. The bright colors of the wine, its clear and transparent body make it pleasing to the eye; when poured into a glass, the fruity wine is fragrant; when it is tasted, the tannin in the wine is slightly astringent, which promotes appetite.

All these make the human body in a comfortable and euphoric state, which is beneficial to physical health.