[Can confinement eat yam]_Postpartum_Can I eat

[Can confinement eat yam]_Postpartum_Can I eat

When a pregnant woman has a baby, her body will be extremely weak, so there will be confinement. During confinement, women not only have to recover their body but also breastfeed the baby. It also requires a lot of consumption for the motherPhysically, so during confinement, the parturient needs to add a lot of nutrition, strengthen the body’s resistance, and has a lot of deliciousness for the recovery of the body. Can I take yam during confinement?

Can confinement eat yam? Whether in confinement or breastfeeding, postpartum mothers can take yam.

The nutritional value of yam is very high. It can be used for cooking or soup in the confinement, which is beneficial to the rapid recovery of the maternal body.

The diet in confinement is still light and easy to absorb. Eating more vegetables is good for detoxification.

Confinement benefits of yam 1, protect the spleen and stomach, and help digestion.

If the mother’s spleen and stomach function is weak in the confinement, and the appetite is weak, the body is tired and tired, yam can effectively alleviate this symptom, because the substances such as amylase and polyphenol oxidase in yam can protect the spleen and stomach, and treat the concurrent loss of appetite and physical fatiguedisease.

2. Reduce blood sugar.

If you have a diabetic mother, you can take more yam.

The mucoproteins in yam can effectively lower blood sugar.

3, nourishing yin and kidney.

The new mother eats it in moderation, which can treat complications such as kidney deficiency and excessive vaginal discharge in women, and can also effectively relieve constipation.

4. The saponin, mucus, mucin, vitamins and trace elements contained in yam can effectively treat cough and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Precautions for eating yam during confinement 1. If the mother is allergic to yam, allergic reactions such as redness and swelling of the skin, diarrhea, indigestion will occur after eating, so pay attention not to eat or eat yam.

2. Yam cannot be eaten with pork liver, pumpkin, cucumber, winter squash, and seafood. Consumption with yam can cause nutrition loss, and severely cause abdominal pain and vomiting.

3, the new mother suggested that you must buy fresh yam, it is better to soak with salt water after cutting.

If you notice yam sprouting, you can’t eat it to avoid poisoning.

4. The cooking method of yam should be made according to the tastes of the mothers, and try not to fry, so as not to get angry.

Note: It is not possible to eat yam raw.