How to make a boss willingly raise

How to make a boss willingly raise

Overwhelmed by heavy work or study?

If there was a way to make you suddenly disappear from reality for a while, where would you want to hide?

  A, seaside B, civilian C, alpine D, space test results: A you are a creative master. In your life or work, you will naturally show that you are fast and fast, smart and witty, so you want your boss to raise your salary., You have to find an opportunity to show your strengths and let the boss know, so it is not difficult to ask for a raise.

  B You are a desperate Saburo, and the boss also knows that you are a hard-working employee, but because you are less proactive, you may have missed you in the pay rise list or the salary increase is not large.

I suggest that you use diligently on the knife edge, occasionally use a little trick, talk with the boss more, let the boss know more about your work progress and work results, this benefit will be more!

  C has great ambitions. You think that every job is just one of the processes to complete your dream, so you don’t care much about the salary, but it is not enough to have ideals without material support.

It is suggested that you should be assured of your ideals first, and ask your boss for more advice. When you have the opportunity to take on important work in the future, the benefits you may experience may exceed your imagination!

  D You are a very emotional person, which causes a large gap in your performance. You will often be affected by your mood or interest. Therefore, the boss will find it difficult to judge your work ability, so you better controlYou have to be emotional, develop your second expertise, or build closer interactions with your colleagues, so that the boss can trust you, so that the company can keep you with a raise.