Nutritionist: Strict vegetarianism is healthier

Nutritionist: Strict vegetarianism is healthier

Nutritionists generally believe that people who eat only vegetarian food and refuse dairy products are susceptible to osteoporosis.

However, the results of a recent study published by American medical scientists are surprising-although strict vegetarians seem to be thinner than ordinary people, they are actually stronger and healthier.

  Vegans only eat plant-derived foods that are not cooked, processed, or otherwise manipulated to alter their original structure.

  Bone lightness is not bone fragility A new issue of the American Journal of Internal Medicine published a research report from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Luigi leading the research group?

Fontana says vegans don’t have to worry about being more likely to fracture.

Their bones are thinner and related to less calories absorbed, rather than osteoporotic spots.

  ”Vegan intake of calories and protein, body mass index increases, and body trace content is low,” Fontana reported in research reports. “Traditionally, people with a low body mass index have light bones and therefore fractureRisk factor, while too many are less likely to fracture.

“The group with better body mass index Fontana involved in 18 people aged 33?
Vegans between the age of 85 did research.

These people only eat certain processed vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and cereals, and the average vegetarian age is three.

6 years.

Researchers compared them with 18 other ordinary Americans.

Vegans have an average body mass index of 20.

5. The average American body mass index is 25.

  Body element health Dr. Fontana said that before starting the study, he believed that vegans lacked vitamin D because they did not eat dairy products, but the result was that their vitamin D content was significantly higher than that of ordinary people.

  When the human body is exposed to sunlight, the skin produces vitamin D.

This vitamin is the key to keeping your bones strong.

“Vegans are smart,” Dr. Fontana said. “They often bask in the sun to get adequate vitamin D.

“The results also show that C-reactive protein levels are reduced in vegetarians.

This element is a cause of hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

In addition, they have low levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which means they are less likely to develop diabetes and prostate cancer.

  Dr Fontana said he does not encourage everyone to be strict vegetarians, and that the research he is working on just proves that people should eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to reduce the risk of cancer.