Small summer health, after the six off drink three soups, healthy summer!


Small summer health, after the “six off” drink “three soups”, healthy summer!

Xiaoshu is the eleventh solar term in the twenty-four solar terms and the fifth solar term in summer.

Summer, heat, small heat is a small heat, the summer has come, the weather is hot, “small heat, daily hot three points”, small heat is the beginning of continuous, air humidity gradually increased, the weather changed from dry heat to sultry.
“Monthly Seventy-two Hours Set”: “June Festival. Summer, heat is also divided into size in the heat, small at the beginning of the month, big in the middle of the month, and now the heat is still small.

Chinese medicine believes that the summer weather is hot, the body’s metabolism is the most obvious, the key to summer health is dry and antipyretic, health must be through six levels, drink three soup, healthy summer!

銆€Passing the first level of the six levels: hot and humid, summer is hot and humid, people often feel headache, it is easy to depression, burnout, chest tightness, bad appetite.

For patients with respiratory diseases, pay more attention to maintenance in the summer to prevent cough and recurrent episodes of tracheal disease.

For the body heat and dampness, the palm of the hand often has a fever, and under the action of moisture and hot air, it is easy to constipation, and the stool is easy to yellow and stinky.

[Countermeasures]The diet should be light and digestible.

Eat more foods that reduce heat and dampness, such as mung bean porridge, lotus leaf porridge, red bean porridge, etc., with melon and lotus leaves, glutinous rice soup, drink, is also a refreshing drink with a damp heat.

At the same time, we must also pay attention to adjust the humidity in the room, and open the window to ventilate.

The second level: diet, summer diet should not be full, usually eat seven or eight full, but you must pay attention to comprehensive, balanced nutrition, not picky eaters, partial eclipse.

Some people are affected by the weather, and their appetite is weak, so they can eat a little lighter.

Experts suggest that in summer, you should eat low-sugar, low-salt, high-glycemic, high-protein foods, and try to eat less spicy, fried foods.

[Countermeasures]Suitable for summer consumption: melon, white radish, tomato and other types of wet and silt, improve the gastrointestinal function of food; summer should eat more freshwater fish, eat less red meat.

Drink cassia tea, barley tea, chrysanthemum tea, Kuding tea, mung bean soup and other drinks.

The third level: Yangyangguan is vulnerable to gas in the first day, which will lead to physical strength, lack of vitality and decreased body function.

If there is too much sweat and the water is not replenished in time, people will easily get rid of the liquid; the immune function will drop again, the cold, the gastrointestinal disease often take advantage of it; for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the heart function is easy in summer.confusion.

[Countermeasure]Adjust the balance between body temperature and room temperature, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the room should not be too large.

Keep room temperature at 27 掳 C, not too low.

In short, in the summer to live in a cool, dry, comfortable environment, should not cause various diseases caused by greedy cold.

The fourth level: emotional closure summer hot weather, emotional excitement, leading to increased blood pressure, increased heart burden, angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure and other diseases are prone to attack.

In addition, the incidence of stroke in summer is also quite high, and needs to be taken seriously.

It is worth mentioning that mood swings are too large and lead to disorders of gastrointestinal function. Respiratory diseases such as high blood pressure are also strongly related to emotions.

[Countermeasure]Adjust your emotions consciously.

There are heart and cerebrovascular diseases, and patients with high blood pressure must pay attention to controlling emotions in the summer and maintain a calm mood to reduce the risk of disease onset.

The fifth level: sleep off the summer, long nights and short nights, and the night temperature is also high, causing some people to rest badly at night, according to the statement of Chinese medicine, such “yin and yang imbalance”, will lead to cardiovascular disease risks, such as hypertension patientsEasy to raise blood pressure, the frequency of attacks in patients with angina increased.

[Countermeasures]Ensure adequate sleep, get up early and get up early.

In order to maintain the normal functioning of the body, it is recommended that adults ensure 7 hours of high quality sleep every day.

The sixth level: people with too many fitness barriers have such a wrong area: because they sweat more in the summer, they are lazy to exercise.

In fact, summer still needs to maintain a moderate amount of exercise, but pay attention to the above movement in the sun.

At the same time, due to the amount of sweating in summer exercise, it is good for detoxification, but it is necessary to pay attention to timely replenishing water to prevent excessive sweating and increase blood viscosity.

[Countermeasures]Short-distance swimming, yoga, and Tai Chi are the most suitable sports for the hot summer season. They can press calm and relieve stress.

Exercise is best chosen in the morning and evening, morning exercise should not be too early, so as not to affect sleep.

Drink three soups of Tangshan and Tangshan, some 50 grams of sour plum, add water to boil, add white chrysanthemum, boil and remove, then put the right amount of sugar, let cool.

Can digest stomach, promote blood circulation and silt.

Chenpi mung bean porridge with dried skin and spleen appetizer, mung bean heat and detoxification.

Soak it in warm water for 2-3 hours before cooking, let it fully absorb the water, soak the green beans for 12 hours, then add a small amount of dried tangerine peel and porridge.

Lotus leaf porridge lotus leaf 1 (fresh, crisp), 鑼嫇 50 grams, 50 grams of previous rice or millet, sugar amount.First, add the lotus leaf decoction to the slag, add the simmered, washed rice or millet to the medicinal soup, cook the porridge, and put the sugar into the pan before the pan.

There is a heat-clearing heat, the effect of calming the nerves.

When the heat is over, the heat is three points a day, the yang is out, and the inside of the yin is violent. The blood and blood are also vigorously active and active on the surface of the body.

Are you ready to welcome a new round of heat with a healthy lifestyle?

After six passes, drink three soups to keep you healthy throughout the summer!

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