Prevent high blood pressure and a reasonable mix of five flavors.

Prevent high blood pressure and a reasonable mix of five flavors.

Chinese medicine divides food into five categories: acid, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty.

Chinese medicine experts pointed out that to prevent high blood pressure, we must pay attention to the reasonable combination of five flavors in the choice of food.

  In Guangdong, the incidence of hypertension in the past was lower than the national level and continued to rise continuously.

Professor Wang Qinghai, deputy director of the Cardiovascular Committee of the Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Association and vice president of the Second Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Hospitals, said that this is not unrelated to the changes in the diet of Guangdong people.

A large number of foreign populations have flooded into Guangdong, and they have also brought eating habits and dishes from all over the country into Guangdong. For example, the intake of a large amount of high-fat foods has caused excessive flavor, salty, sweet and heavy drinking.The incidence of blood pressure is constantly increasing and closely related.

  Wang Qinghai said that prevention of high blood pressure has a dietary sputum, that is: “half a catty of milk two or two meat, a pound of vegetables eight valleys.

One egg five grams of salt, fruit green tea to enjoy the blessing.

Do not smoke cigarettes and drink less, optimistic and cheerful.

Run every morning to keep your belt thick.

“The diet must adhere to the “five flavors” principle: 1.

The food is not salty: salt is limited.

  The amount of salt absorbed by healthy adults should not exceed 6 grams per day, including the amount of salt absorbed by seasonings such as soy sauce, pickles, and MSG.


The food is not too sweet: sugar is limited.

  Foods high in sugar are mainly rice, noodles, cakes, etc.

It is recommended that the staple food be thick and thin, such as corn, millet, beans, buckwheat, and potatoes.

It is best not to eat or eat less oil cakes, fritters, fried cakes, cream cakes, chocolate, milk ice cream, etc.


The food is too tired: limit the food that is too high for adults.

  Wang Qinghai suggested that life should limit livestock meat (especially fat), animal fats (such as lard), butter cakes, palm oil and other high-fat and egg products, egg yolks, animal offal, caviar and chicken skin and chicken skin,Ingestion of plasma foods such as duck skin.

Do not exceed 250 grams of fresh milk or yogurt per day.

The meat is controlled within 75 grams per day, mainly lean meat, such as pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and other poultry meat.


Food is not too good: limit drinking.

  Wine is also a “Xin” type of food. For those who are addicted to alcohol, Wang Qinghai recommends that men drink no more than 30 grams a day, that is, wine is less than 100-150 ml, of which 2 to 3 are; or beer is less than 250-500 ml.Half a half to 1 kg; or white wine less than 25-50 ml, about 0.

5 to 1 two.

Women are halved and pregnant women do not drink.

Do not promote the consumption of highly spirited wine.


Food is not too bitter: overeating can cause loss of appetite.

  The bitter foods are mainly bitter wheat, celery, mustard, bitter gourd, coffee, etc.

The bitterness can clear the heat, the climate in Guangzhou is hot, and it is good to eat vegetables with bitter taste. It can clear hepatitis and heart fire.

However, bitterness is cold after all, and overeating can damage the spleen and stomach, leading to loss of appetite, or abdominal pain and diarrhea, which affects the digestion and absorption of food.

  Need to be reminded that many elderly people are guilty of mentioning eggs, think that their cholesterol content is too high, it is not good for the body, in fact, in addition to high blood pressure, those who try to eat less egg yolk, others have no problem eating eggs.

It is also an expert that the diet is festival-based and includes not being able to be full.

“Diet is self-doubling, the stomach is hurt”, it must be prevented.

It would be better if you can cooperate with proper exercise and keep your mood comfortable.