Teach you to choose the right skin care products for your baby

Teach you to choose the right skin care products for your baby

Baby moisturizers, baby moisturizers, baby butt creams, baby sunscreens, baby mosquito repellents, etc. There are really a lot of children’s skincare products on the market today.

But this is no wonder, there are no parents who do not love their baby.

However, this lesson on how to choose the right skin care products for your beloved baby, many parents have to make up for it.

Children’s skin care products: The best is the best. In an interview, reporters found that when parents buy skin care products for their children, more than 98% of them choose brand names, and more than half buy only fixed brands.

In fact, brand discrimination has become the sole criterion for choosing children’s skincare products.

When choosing children’s skin care products, the key depends on whether it is suitable for the skin of the child, and what is suitable is a good product.

It is understood that the difference between domestic and imported children’s skin care products on the market is mainly reflected in price.

The packaging of imported products is novel and beautiful, giving the impression that the grade is higher, so the price is generally higher than ordinary domestic products.

But in terms of quality ingredients, the relative of domestic and imported children’s skin care products is actually difficult to tell.

Because the raw materials used in children’s skin care products are relatively simple, and no other ingredients are added, it is precisely imported products or domestic products that are safer to use.

Whether domestic or imported products are more suitable for Chinese children depends on the specific situation.

Too many foreign products are researched on the local market and ethnic skin quality before entering the middle market to produce products suitable for local people to meet the needs of local consumers.

Moreover, too many foreign products are currently produced in the country, so there should be no problems that are not suitable for the use of Chinese people.

Children’s skincare Adults come to join in a fun and mild children’s cream, cute children’s clothing, colorful children’s kettles . don’t think that these products are just children’s patents, and many young people are becoming fans of “kids” products, and because of this,fashion.
In Guihe Commercial Building, the reporter interviewed Ms. Qu, a mother of two-year-old children, who is a loyal “fan” of a child cream.

“I used children’s cream when I was in college, and I always use it after work.

Ms. Qu believes that children’s skin care products are delicate and mild, without irritation and adverse reactions, and are relatively safe.

The staff of the mall told reporters that many adults, especially young women, love to use children’s skincare products, but also children’s toothbrushes, children’s kettles, and children’s clothing.

In this regard, a psychological counselor once said: “In addition to the safety of children’s products, the” post-child phenomenon “of adult childhood is also a way for them to relieve stress and relax.

“But some experts have objected to the use of children’s skin care products by adults, who believe that adults prefer baby creams.

Although children’s skin care products are less irritating to the skin and relatively mild, it cannot meet the special needs of different skins of adults. Adults are better to choose adult skin care products that are suitable for them.

For example, dry skin cannot withstand external stimuli and is prone to exacerbate wrinkles. It is advisable to replace moisturizing oily moisturizers; oily skin should be cleaned and it is best to replace water-based skin care products; neutral skin oils are moderate and irritating to the outside worldNot too sensitive, suitable for lotion skin care products.