Top 5 common mistakes

Top 5 common mistakes

Around us, we often see that many middle-level management cadres are working very hard. Overtime is a common thing. It is not too much to say that “love the factory as home”, but it is always not recognized by the boss and subordinates.Support, not to mention getting a promotion in the post.

  We think that if you want to be a qualified mid-level cadre, you should avoid the following five fatal mistakes: First, you ca n’t really understand the general manager of the CEO, especially the private enterprise as the leader of the enterprise, is the soul of the enterprise.

The thinking of the CEO is just like the law of the country, which is a guide for enterprises to act.

Therefore, as a middle-level cadre, you must understand the boss’s thinking, and use his thoughts as a compass to guide his work.

Many middle-level cadres are always frustrated, and they have given a lot of development suggestions to the company, from human resource management to technical innovation, but they have not been recognized by the boss.

But they never wondered if these were the things the boss liked to hear, or whether you wished for them.

  Know that the company will not change as expected by someone, except the company’s boss.

Most of the changes in the company began to change slowly after the boss’s thinking changed, rather than when the thinking of a professional manager or individual department manager changed.

This is not to blame the boss for being too authoritarian, because the boss is the person responsible for the overall situation, he knows the most information, and he stands at the highest height, so he can only be responsible for the real overall situation and theme!

As a middle-level management cadre, you must keep in mind that you should not try to change the boss until the boss’s mind has changed.

As middle-level management cadres, all we can do is how to do things better under the boss’s existing thinking.

  Second, you cannot understand the company’s culture in depth. If you want to integrate a company quickly, you should first understand the company’s culture.

The culture of a company is a system suitable for the development of an enterprise formed through years of accumulation and accumulation. It is a company’s style of doing things and its humanity.

As a company’s middle-level management cadres, it is necessary to deeply study, understand and adapt to this cultural change, and realize their own work under such circumstances.

  In reality, many middle-level management cadres don’t understand this. In the face of the company’s cultural system, they turn a blind eye and even despise him as an old system.

Instead of bringing the original company’s style of work to the current company, it should reflect its own style of work in the company’s behavior, which is incompatible with the corporate culture.

It is understandable that such middle-level cadres can hardly get a big promotion in the company. Of course, they also have one or other problems when they communicate with other colleagues.

  What is more serious is that many such middle-levels do not reset their own mistakes when such problems occur, but simply repeat the company’s system is too backward, the relationship is too complicated, and so on.

As a middle-level cadre, you should understand that you have to work in such a large environment. The company culture is like a stage for dancing competitions. If you want to win the competition, you must abide by the rules of the competition and stand on the platform to dance .”, Help sex work”, also known as “do a good job in the surrounding relationship, show their ability.”

  Comrade Deng Xiaoping said during his southern tour: “No matter it is a white cat or a black cat, it is a good cat to catch a mouse.”

This sentence is popularly said to be “the mother who has milk”.

The same is true for a department leader, everything else is empty, if you have not done your core business well.

It is a serious mistake to waste time every day on indifferent work or “helpful work”.

The error lies in not being able to correctly recognize that as a department leader, you have your own core work and your own responsibilities. Your first task is to work hard on your own key performance indicators and your ownThe core business reflects capabilities and performance, rather than spending a significant portion of its time on “helpful work.”

  Many management lectures in reality.

All teach us that it is also true that we should pay more attention to our work.

Work should be prioritized, and the work at hand is divided into “both important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, unimportant and urgent”, and give the most time to deal with those things that are both important and urgent, andNot to do work that is neither important nor urgent.

  Human energy is limited. If you put more energy on that thing, the energy in this work will naturally decrease.

As a middle-level manager, we must recognize those tasks that we must do immediately, and what work reflects the performance of the department, that is the focus of our hard work.

  Fourth, will not arouse the enthusiasm of your subordinates. Your subordinates are like organs on your own body. Only their coordination and hard work can ensure your health.

Similarly, the same is true for a department and a company. Only when the employees of each department perform their duties and do their jobs can the company run better.

  As a department manager, your biggest function is to consider how to adjust and motivate the work of your subordinates, so that your department can operate effectively and quickly deliver results.

  In fact, many middle-level cadres do not do so. Many middle-level cadres are business elites, but management dwarfs.

They often do everything by themselves. They do n’t know how to motivate the work of their subordinates. They do n’t know how to help them share their concerns. They do n’t know how to break down their work into their subordinates.Disappointed, frustrated that they didn’t believe them and didn’t let them stand on their own.

  As a middle manager, you need to understand that you are the leader of a department.

Carry out the tasks assigned to you by the boss, reorganize you as the task’s passer, give the above tasks to you, effectively decompose them to your subordinates, and let them complete the tasks for you.

Do task delivery, supervisor, not problem solving, terminator.

  Fifth, the middle-ranking cadres who refuse to take responsibility are the most popular ones. They are the middle-ranking cadres who dare to be responsible; some middle-ranking cadres who are dare to take responsibility;People.Everyone understands this truth, but in reality there are always many such cadres who adore power but refuse to take responsibility and are afraid to take responsibility, even if it is a little mistake, they should use this or other excuses to push others, Put the responsibility off from your own shoulders; see others have done a little bit of success, and try to connect with themselves to himself, as if they became themselves, others can do nothing.

  These middle-levels who refuse to take responsibility will not be reused by the boss and won’t be supported by the employees. In the end, they will ruin themselves.

As a middle-level management cadre, you must understand that your power is always proportional to the responsibilities you have to bear. The greater the so-called sense of responsibility, the greater your achievements.

  It ‘s hard to be middle-level, it ‘s more difficult to be qualified. Good middle-level is even more difficult. You need to remember, know the boss, understand the company culture, start the core business of the department, make effective use of your subordinates, and take on your responsibilities bravely.,go toward success.

As a manager, remember not to be too busy and have no time to think.

This is a very serious mistake. You need to give yourself more time to “understand” distance and rationalize management.